College of Marin, A.A. Engineering–1961
University of California at Berkeley, B.S.M.E.–1963


Professional Engineer:          Civil Engineer            #C-056987

Mechanical Engineer     #M-18379
General Building Contractor: B-1   (Inactive status)    # 608276


Professional Experience:
2005-2011       Mill Valley Planning Commission (Chair 2007-08)

1997-Present   Utzman Consulting
Mill Valley, CA
Engineering consulting practice specializing in structural design and observation of wood framed residential structures.

1992-1997       Utzman Consulting/Contracting
Mill Valley, CA
Engineering consulting practice specializing in consulting, forensic inspection, expert witness testimony, construction observation, and cost estimating with a primary focus as lead consultant on multi-family, light frame, residential construction litigation problems.

General contacting specializing in new construction and remodeling, forensic inspection, expert witness testimony, construction observation, and cost estimating of residential construction.

Inventor of shearwall system for light frame construction. Supervised shearwall testing of full scale samples at Testing Engineers, Inc. in Oakland, CA.

1992-1978       SCI Consulting
Sausalito, CA

Co-founder of engineering practice specializing in design, consulting, forensic inspection, and project management. All phases of residential development from subdivision layout, architectural design, drafting services, heat loss and structural analysis.

1992-1975       SCI Builders
Sausalito, CA

Founder of general building company specializing in residential new construction and remodeling. 10 years of hands-on construction experience in virtually every trade. Design/build of approximately 125 homes in Marin County.

1973-1971       Northrop Corporation-Hueneme Division
Port Hueneme, CA

Senior engineer responsible for design, field inspection and repair operations of large fiberglass barges. Extensive work in seals, structural composites, and various water infiltration problems. Supervised 20 man repair crew in S.F. field operation.

1969-1968       Burns AeroSeat Company
North Hollywood, CA

Head of Structures Department responsible for structural design, analysis, and testing of aircraft seating. Supervised work for Boeing 747 and Lockheed L-1011 seating.

1968-1963       Northrop Corporation-Ventura Division
Ventura, CA

Senior engineer designing components for Apollo Earth Landing system. Lead engineer supervising six engineers for the structural analysis of Apollo Earth Landing system. Developed a breakthrough main frame computer iterative analytical method for the structural analysis and optimization of parachutes.


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